EXPOSED: Atheist and Liberal Media Lies and Exploitation of Maria Kislo’s Suicide

25 Mar

Thanks to reader EH commenting on my first article on this story for updating me so I could provide this update.

Militant atheists assume religion is not only factually wrong but the root of all, or at least most, of whatever they define as harm and evil, and ergo crusade to rid it from humanity. These zealots will sacrifice anyone and anything, including those lofty intellectual and moral ideals on which they claim a monopoly, like evidentialism, reason, science, skepticism and truth, in favor of wholly and blindly accepting, exploiting, manipulating and reiterating anything they believe furthers their anti-religious worldview and jihad. This is why they instantly, without confirming their validity, and with lascivious joy, greeted and spun, as evidence of the menace that is religion, English media reports that 12-year old Polish girl Maria Kislo took her own life in late October 2013 so that, according to her alleged suicide note, she could be reunited with her father, which, because she was Christian, they manipulated as meaning she believed she would go to Heaven.

These media reports, however, are not only false but may have been fabricated by the English sources which published them, including Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. Most importantly, from the beginning, Polish media and police explicitly stated that:

“there was no suicide note. Maria’s motivations are a mystery. The police are investigating her computer and diaries, but refrain from commenting on any clues they may have found so far…Maria’s father didn’t die of a heart attack, but was brutally shot to death by his new girlfriend’s brother-in-law in 2009, about six months after Maria’s parents’ divorce (and) Maria’s mother wasn’t going to read a bedtime story to a 12-year-old, but just started wondering why the girl was staying so long alone in her room supposedly reading a book…”

I do not know Polish but I have researched numerous Polish media reports, translating them using Google translation, and have verified that the details in the above quote are true. I advise you to do the same, if you do not believe me and are interested in the truth. Google “Marysia Kislo” as that is her name in Polish. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any new details about this tragedy, with its last mention in any news source being early November, 2013.

Further (s)omeone called Grzegorz Kowalski commented on the (Mirror) article…introducing himself as Marysia’s uncle and accusing the author [at the Mirror] of lying.” As of this blog post, this comment appears on page 2 of the comments, use “find” feature of your browser and insert “Grzegorz Kowalski.” The comment has been reposted on Facebook, too.

Despite this, no English news source has acknowledged or rectified  these errors, accusations and possible fabrications, and few atheists have attempted to do so either; of the latter who did, only “The Friendly Atheist” can be considered a prominent/popular source. Misinformation and lies thus still stand as facts in these sources, ready to dupe people who read them. To most atheist zealots, it probably does not matter that what has been narrated is untrue and will continue exploiting it for the benefit of their anti-religious jihad, regardless. Many atheists I have confronted with the facts have actually had the audacity to say the objective truth is irrelevant here because she was Christian, thus things could have happened as reported and so it still stands as an indictment of the dangers of religion. What? No, it stands as a testament to your dishonesty and inability to accept any explanation for whatever upsets your subjective, hypocritical, ideologically-based moral indignation other than “religion did it.”

Let us be honest. Most of these atheists care very little for anything missing the elements manipulable and usable in advancing their ideological foundation and agenda. Only because they saw these factors present in Maria’s tragedy, did these fanatics take interest in her death, which they then cold-bloodily manipulated and exploited to further their irrational, dishonest, pseudo-intellectual, nonscientific campaign against religion and anyone else not holding to their anti religious prejudice and zealotry; otherwise, her death would have been inconsequential to them. Indeed, many of these atheists who blame or blamed religion for her death also blame religion for not allowing people to commit suicide.

Of course, atheists deny the charge of exploitation and some even take issue with it, like The Friendly Atheist. Exploitation, here, means to take advantage, usually unfairly, of someone or something for your own benefit, and of this, these ultraists are guilty. Even if the original reports were true, there is nothing implicating religion in Maria’s suicide. To use her religion to blame religion is mere question begging and a red herring; her faith is inconsequential to her self-murder. Christianity, in fact, forbids suicide. As Saint Augustine rightly states, “the law, rightly interpreted, even prohibits suicide, where it says, “Thou shalt not kill.” This is proved especially by the omission of the words “thy neighbor,” which are inserted when false witness is forbidden…”

Her purported note too cannot be used as evidence because it is completely non-religious; it is atheists who have manipulated religious allusions, language and reasons into the note, which they then finagled to indict, try and convict religion for her death. Read objectively, her alleged note reveal a secular, not religious, reason for her suicide; that being her father’s death.  If this is true, that she self-murdered four years after his murder should suggest to any objective, reasonable, logical, rational person, suicide note or not, that, as I have written, she “was emotionally and/or mentally damaged not by religion but by her loss, which she was unable to accept, with which she was unable to cope, which caused her to suffer extreme, perpetual, evermore depressing bereavement and grief (possibly prolonged grief disorder) and which finally prompted her suicide.” This happens with greater frequency than you may realize or care to know. Had Maria been atheist or agnostic, given these same circumstances, and especially without timely, adequate  intervention, “there is no plausible reason to…believe that the outcome would not have been the same…and contrary claims are just empty, agenda-oriented assertions made by callous, opportunistic militant atheists.” This is a textbook example of exploitation. Had Maria been atheist or agnostic, her death would not be news and, about it, atheists would not care.

As I discuss elsewhere on my blog, with plenty of references for you to peruse, contrary to the negative consequences atheists attach to religion, we have much scientific evidence proving that, generally, religion provides people with the means to better cope with mentally and emotionally damaging circumstances and there is “a proportional relationship between religiosity and mental health…as religiosity increases so does mental health, and as the former decreases so does the latter…Unsurprisingly…depression and suicide rates are significantly higher among the irreligious than the religious.” We have, for example, evidence, like this and this, that Jesse Kilgore’s 2008 suicide was prompted by his atheism which he adopted after reading Richard Dawkin’s pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-scientific fluff masquerading as scientific fact, “The God Delusion.”

Suicide in nations with higher atheist/irreligious populations is not only significantly more prevalent but, in many cases, is so approved of that it is politically, socially and culturally preferred, financed and encouraged over medical and palliative care. This applies to adults, children and infants and for any reason, including depression, loneliness, boredom and being old. Holland is a particularly disturbing case as its “right to die” program provides children with “self-help programs” on ending their lives and allows doctors to solely decide whether or not to put a child to death; yes, that means no input from the child himself or his parents. According to a recent survey by right to die organization Dignitas, an organization that argues even the healthy should have the “right to die,” atheists are among those most likely to choose suicide, with upwards of 20% citing no reason for it, which is interpreted as just being tired of life. In reality, like upwards of 90% of those committing suicide, these individuals probably suffer from some diagnosable mental illness or disorder. These facts prove atheism, not religion, is dangerous and harmful to mental health and raises questions about “the emotional/psychological status of atheists.”

If suicide honestly troubles these atheists then they would become involved in general suicide awareness and prevention without interjecting their anti-religious zealotry. They would, preferably, acknowledge and accept the benefits of religion on mental health and treatment programs incorporating a person’s faith as science has proven. Such a hybrid approach may have helped in Maria’s case. Being atheists, perhaps they would be especially concerned by its higher prevalence among those who share their own beliefs. However, these militants vehemently deny any link between atheism, mental issues and suicide as they endlessly reiterate as true what we know to be false, that atheism is the basis of sound mental well-being and religion is, causes and/or worsens mental health problems. So much for living according to the evidence. Truth is of no consequence to these self-professed bastions of science and reason; all these atheist jihadists care about is how something or someone may usefully serve their anti-religious crusade. This is why they have taken interest in Maria’s suicide and why, not only without any verification but even outright manipulation of the details, they have used it to attack religion.

Under any other circumstances, if they even hear about it, these zealots likely meet suicide with cheers, “an indifferent sigh, silence, a heartless “meh” or a Darwin award, as they would have done with Maria’s death had it not been ideologically viable.”  Zealot James Randi, a massively popular and influential leader of today’s Godless militants, actually proclaims “those who self-murder are obviously not fit enough to survive, so they deserve death, they would simply “mature into grown-up idiots, and Darwin would be appalled that his lessons were ignored;” their continued existence dilutes the gene pool, but their death contributes to its purification and thus to the strengthening of the human species. Because such crudeness emanates from the atheist camp with virtually no rebuke from atheists, thus suggesting it is normal and acceptable, it is reasonable, and probably correct, to believe this is how they truly feel about Maria’s death,” and it may be partly why suicide is welcomed, supported, normalized, facilitated, and, in some cases, even glorified and propagated, in countries with higher atheist populations.

The only thing proven by these atheists’ faux outrage and crocodilian tears is that they are callous, heartless, lying, manipulative and hypocritical opportunists using this child to pleasure their lecherous, fanatical anti-religious crusade.


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21 responses to “EXPOSED: Atheist and Liberal Media Lies and Exploitation of Maria Kislo’s Suicide

  1. Nami

    March 25, 2014 at 7:25 am

    Wow your citing is 10/10~ 😀 woohoo!

  2. E.H.

    March 27, 2014 at 2:11 am

    Hi! I’m actually EH, so thank you for crediting me.

    I did find it somewhat repulsive that some militant atheists exploited the death of a child to ‘prove’ their point. In fairness, though, some Christian groups do the same (and of course, not all atheists are militant either). For example, in the 1980s there was a young man in Indiana named Ryan White who contracted AIDS through the blood products he used to treat his hemophilia. One Jehovah Witness man I knew said that if White had been a Jehovah Witness, he would never have gotten AIDS because Jehovah Witnesses are forbidden to use blood products. Which may have been true (that Ryan White would not have contracted AIDS), but without blood products, hemophiliacs are in danger of bleeding heavily at the smallest cut. So both religious and non-religious people can use tragedies for their own self-interest.

    What baffled me most, though, is how supposed ‘sceptics’ fell for a tall tale like Kislo’s suicide. To tell the truth, I wasn’t the only one to have doubts about the story’s veracity. One comment in Free Republic, for instance, said that perhaps police should contact a handwriting analyst (this was when it was still believed Kislo had written a suicide note). The idea of a 12-year-old writing a suicide note… well, let’s just say it could happen, but it’s a bit like Stephen King’s novel Misery: it could happen, but what are the chances in real life? Plus the four-year gap between her father’s death and her suicide leaves questions: if she killed herself even in the year after her father’s death, maybe it would make sense. Four years, though, another animal altogether.

    By the way, did you know that the writer on The Friendly Atheist also fell for another tall tale about a Russian couple getting their child baptized?

    • christianmission

      April 3, 2014 at 2:06 am

      Hi. I didn’t hear about this; how was this one exposed as false? I’ve tried searching for updates but all I get are the old reports from media and atheist sites saying they chose baptism over the hospital. There’s no mention of the parents’ names so it makes searching more difficult, too.

      All I could get from the reports is the parents were Eastern Orthodox, which doesn’t believe in original sin or the limbo of infants, which would make their actions nonsensical. One commenter at says “Apparently (the parents) already had an appointment with the priest. As well, they did not think that there was anything wrong with the baby; they only discovered he had an injury when he was being baptized.”

      • EH

        September 27, 2014 at 8:57 am

        Sorry to chime in late (well, by almost a year!), but I was going over some commentary on the Russian baptism case. One Greek girl who was part of a discussion on the story said that in the Orthodox Church (Greeks and Russians are both Orthodox), unbaptized infants are not denied the kingdom of heaven if they die unbaptized. She said the story was ‘full of holes.’ So the quote that the parents wanted to make sure their son would get into heaven seems a little dubious, sort of like Maria Kislo’s suicide note. It begs the question: did the parents even say such a thing? Could be, but now I’m doubting.

    • LauradaG

      January 10, 2016 at 9:50 pm

      can you provide any proof without being found or accused of doctoring or planting evidence against anyone that Christians have ever used anyone’s death outside of our name’s sake hero, our Jesus Christ, to further our kindness, love, forgiveness and generosity that atheists never even bother doing for others?

      atheists make false accusations against Christians because atheists hate accountability and have no moral standards of any kind. Christians, real Christians like myself, not peopledisguised as Christians to help slander Christianity, do not lower our high standards for the low life bottom of hell criminal lazy crybaby atheists who want to continue living in permanent never-never land in an atheist fantasy of zero moral or physical legal accountability. atheists never want to face their guilt so they lie on purpose, exploit others or use extortion, violate every law known to mankind and are immature renamed communists who can’t stand that they can’t control God and are instead abandonded by God and left to their own misery even to kill themselves because atheists like lucifer rebel against God and lie about it even tampering with evidence and confusing people by denying they are involved in any wrong doing. atheists also try to shift their guilty onto their only real enemy, who otherwise would just discipline them like a good parent – Christians, because atheist brats hate not being in control and not allowed to harm others. atheism is luciferian but atheists are not smart or mature enough to even see the connection. fellow Christians you need to stop arguing with atheists not because atheists can ever be correct or goid but because they never know honesty and are incapable of ever knowing or telling the truth so they are never going to be saved.

      it’s not Christians who are beyond redemption. it’s the immature satanic atheist and all other anti-God disobedient trash that is beyond saving but they pervert and twist anything you say because atheists live at the bottom of hell where God refuses to go. it is atheists who have no hero and no salvation. only Christians who don’t compromise their beliefs are saved from these atheist brats. never lower your beliefs or standards for these lying silver tongued smooth saying spell casting lying atheist spoiled slutty brats. those that compromise their faith are spat out from and rejected by heaven. atheists believe even the false prophet pope’s lies because atheists are the most easily brainwashed herd following insane immature criminals on the planet. they will never know what good is because they never knew God to begin with. stop arguing with garbage (any anti-Christian) and leave the garbage where it belongs. in the trash.

      • LauradaG

        January 10, 2016 at 10:08 pm

        the burden of proof for evidence of not being the evil responsible for this child or any one’s death is not on the shoulders of those obedient to God, the burden of proving or providing evidence of innocence is on the atheist militant or not which they have never provided and instead tamper with the real evidence that atheism is of the devil. atheists can never be good or friendly. just satanic liars, hit by their own spell of confusion. the evidence of the evil of atheism or godlessness as calledin the bible, what we call crime by todays vocabulary, has been told and is already known. God’s judgements against these godless/atheist demonic manipulators was already decided and passed long ago and they can never change their fate to die by God’s judgement because they can never control nor change God so instead they hurl false accusations against Christians because the atheist tries to substitute their sentence as a victory instead as it really is which is a permanent defeat of atheism that no atheist can ever change. dont bother arguing with them. atheists lost their humanity, reason, consciousness, their hearts and their minds all on the same day and are now man turning into beast. beast never turned into man. without God however, man IS turning into an unreadoning abominable ugly beast without honesty without love without purpose and without a soul. that is the real truth about how evolution actually works. and by the way its actually spelled DEVIL-lucian not evolution. they turn into devils not the other way around. they are the children of the devil, DO NOT STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL, these demonic liberats and their liberally spoiled brats belong in hell where all ugly things dwell, where they belong and hear no song, they have no light because they are not that bright. they are children of the devil, do not stoop to their level!

      • LauradaG

        January 10, 2016 at 10:28 pm

        and before you go trying to argue about redemption or any form of atheism being good let me remind you fellow Christians that God alone, not atheists, is the final and only authority on the judgement of atheism and the bible being God’s recorded word already conviscted atheists of the same guilt as Lucifer and God has never changed that neither did Jesus. Atheists have no authority no power of any kind to change that no matter how loud they whine or how much more violent they get. the bible is the authority even over atheism and no amount of tampering with evidence or lying or violence or arguing will ever change a universal fact and law that atheists are immature violent spoiled stupid and permanently banned from heaven. atheists will never succeed in getting into heaven, not even with a “spiritual crow bar”. they can neber change that and yes Christians do have the authority to reject atheists because God made the judgement and we Christans are not allowed to change it no matter what. so get over it already. only God has any realy power to judge and the atheists has already been tried and convicted of being evil even in their hearts and mind. that is the absolute truth they deny.

  3. E.H.

    April 3, 2014 at 2:43 am

    Go to and in the comment section, look under the name ‘Michael Kimsal’ (it’s near the top).

    In this case, the debunking is perhaps not quite as thorough as that in the Maria Kislo story. However, I had my doubts too about this story, I don’t know much about Eastern Orthodox doctrine, so the idea of original sin or limbo didn’t come to my mind. What struck me was that unless this story happened on a Sunday, there would not even have been a guarantee that the priest was actually at the church at the time. So that made the notion of the parents suddenly showing up out of the blue at the church a little dubious.

    Again, atheists aren’t the only ones to spin stories out of context. For instance, I remember watching a TV evangelists’ show as a teenager and hearing a preacher say that among families who pray together every day, the divorce is one out of 1,000 marriages. Now I won’t deny that religious activities in common can help a family, but that 99.9% of their marriages succeed? I’m sorry, but too good to be true. I also think that perhaps we unfairly put sceptics on a pedestal, so when they fall for stories like Maria Kislo, we have to remind ourselves that they are human too with their own biases and weaknesses.

  4. ShockOfGayness

    August 5, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Why are religious people so fucking stupid?

    • doraglasberg

      August 25, 2014 at 1:55 pm

      Thank you,
      And downright LIARS

    • ryan rogers

      September 14, 2015 at 6:46 pm

      Why is shockofgayness so unhappy m?

  5. doraglasberg

    August 25, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    You’re insane and dishonest

  6. lagrangeship

    October 10, 2014 at 8:15 am

    A conservative Christian. A trained hypocrite.

    On the one hand you’ll claim your religion is all about peace and love, but all you seem to do is dishonestly stereotype people and attack them in the lowest manner. I linked here from your ytube page after reading some of your comments there, and it’s sad, all of it. You’re a bitter, racist, paranoid, hate-filled person who can’t seem to come to grips with reality. The silver lining, I suppose, is that barely anyone is listening to you. I hope you reconsider how you think about life while you’ve still got it.

  7. EH

    October 11, 2014 at 9:10 am

    I think we should distinguish between militant atheists and people who don’t believe in God but, for example, don’t use the death of a 12-year-old girl to press their agenda. Interestingly, one of the people who helped ‘expose’ the Kislo case as a hoax was an atheist named Vlad Chituc who runs a site called Non-Prophet Status. He doubted the veracity of the story and then took to task those who used it to their advantage. So I don’t think we can tar all atheists with the same brush at all.

    With regard to liberals, I don’t think the Kislo affair was a liberal versus conservative matter. What it was was a case of people latching on to a tall tale and making it a political point.

  8. EH

    December 4, 2014 at 3:37 am

    Here’s another tall tale: the story about the 800 Irish babies put in a septic tank by Catholic nuns. Did you hear about that?

    By the way, I’m not Catholic; I think the Catholic Church had too much political influence in Ireland; and I know that unwed mothers in Ireland were treated worse than anywhere in Europe. But the dead babies story has a bit of a Maria Kislo/Russian baptism story aura about it.

    • christianmission

      December 6, 2014 at 10:53 am

      I heard about it around June and there was the usual crop of atheists doing their thing, exploiting it to attack religion. The story was based on research by historian Catherine Corless; however, she says the media reports were false and dishonest. She says, for example, that she never said “800 bodies were dumped in a septic tank.” Rather, the bodies found are believed to be those of the children who died at the mother-child home that operated on the site from 1925-61 and who were buried in a plot of land behind it, but a sewer tank. She even questions if it’s possible to put 800 bodies in such a tank.

      The Irish Times had the details but the article is now accessible by subscription only; this is a repost of that article:

      • EH

        December 7, 2014 at 11:34 pm

        Thank you. Sorry to be late in getting back. I’m a little more ‘forgiving’ this time of Hemant Mehta and gang (ex. Terry Firma) because in fairness, many people of various religious (and non-religious) persuasions believed this story, while a large number of people expressed doubt about the Maria Kislo and Russian baptism stories. It is true that unmarried mothers in Ireland were treated very badly, and I can’t say the Catholic Church had nothing to do with their treatment. On the other hand, to keep things in perspective, mortality among children of unwed mothers has always been higher than average, whether in Catholic Ireland or in Sweden, which is not Catholic and which has far more liberal attitudes to out-of-wedlock childbearing. And orphanages aren’t great places for children in terms of overall health: the mortality was elevated at ‘children’s homes’ in Ireland, but they were also elevated in orphanages in officially atheistic Romania in Communist times.

        So everything in perspective!

  9. EH

    December 22, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    Another sceptical moment:

    This story is about a young woman in England who reportedly committed suicide because she feared her parents, who were Christians, would reject her for being a lesbian. A tragic story, to be sure, but what makes me sceptical – not completely disbelieving, but sceptical – that religion was THE cause of her death is that the church to which she belonged – the Anglican Church, or Episcopal in the United States – is very gay-positive. The church she attended apparently had same-sex couples among its members. So I am sceptical of whether she killed herself because of something she heard at her church or, for that matter, from her parents about homosexuality.

    Also, studies on whether religion causes gays and lesbians to commit suicide are somewhat equivocal, with some showing religious gays and lesbians having higher rates of suicide attempts or ideation than their more secular counterparts and other studies showing the exact opposite. So based on studies and the details of the case, it’s hard to point to religion specifically as the cause of this girl’s death, although perhaps it cannot be completely ruled out either.

    • christianmission

      February 6, 2015 at 9:38 am

      It’s another tragedy that’s being exploited by atheists for their anti-religious agenda regardless of what the facts surrounding it may be. All the evidence i could find suggesting any link between Elizabeth Lowe’s suicide and her religion comes from friends to whom she allegedly said she was struggling between her sexuality and her parents’ religion. However, her parents and Church are very supportive of LGBTs and have said they would have accepted her if she came out. It’s obvious she was suffering from something but it wasn’t an oppressive, alienating or hostile religious environment so it makes no sense to blame the latter for her suicide. It’s tragic but the suicide rate in the LGBT community is higher than average across the world, including highly irreligious and LGBT-tolerant countries like Holland and Sweden. Yet these atheists only care about those rare instances where religion can be made the scapegoat rather than finding out the real reasons why LGBT youth are committing suicide.

      • EH

        February 6, 2015 at 11:30 pm

        Hi. It’s EH again (by the way, my name is Emily, and my last name starts with ‘H,’ so I use ‘EH’ because those are my initials; plus I’m Canadian – you may have heard that Canadians supposedly say ‘eh’ all the time after sentences).

        About the Lizzie Lowe story, again, I’ll reiterate that not all atheists exploit these stories for their own gain, and in fact, a number of non-believers have publicly expressed disgust at Terry Firma and Hemant Mehta’s tendency to do so. There are rotten apples in every barrel, I suppose.

        In the case of Ms. Lowe, I suppose there might be a remote possibility that her parents were foaming-at-the-mouth homophobes and imparted to her that she was a depraved individual, but that’s a little like the old ‘dog ate my homework’ explanation. Also, as you mention, the only link between her religion and suicide was based on what a friend said, and that can be subjective or even false. Perhaps a chemical imbalance might be behind Lowe’s suicide? Again, I can’t completely rule religion out as a contributing factor to Lizzie Lowe’s death, but it seems unlikely.

      • Emily

        May 29, 2016 at 8:32 pm

        This study really challenges the notion that Lizzie Lowe killed herself because of religion. It isn’t even really a pro-Christian study, as it suggests Jewish teens are less likely to contemplate suicide than their Christian counterparts. But it challenges the sceptics’ take on Lizzie Lowe’s death.

        J Affect Disord. 2015 Jun 1;178:39-45. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2014.07.039. Epub 2015 Mar 6.
        Associations of racial/ethnic identities and religious affiliation with suicidal ideation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning individuals.
        Lytle MC1, De Luca SM2, Blosnich JR3, Brownson C4.
        Author information
        Our aim was to examine the associations of racial/ethnic identity and religious affiliation with suicidal ideation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning (LGBQ) and heterosexual college students. An additional aim was to determine the prevalence of passive suicidal ideation (i.e., death ideation) and active suicidal ideation among culturally diverse LGBQ individuals.
        Data from the National Research Consortium probability-based sample of college students from 70 postsecondary institutions (n=24,626) were used to examine active and passive suicidal ideation in the past 12-months and lifetime active suicidal ideation among students by sexual orientation, racial/ethnic identity, and religious affiliation.
        Across most racial/ethnic groups and religious affiliations, LGBQ students were more likely to report active suicidal ideation than non-LGBQ individuals. Among LGBQ students, Latino individuals had lower odds of reporting both past 12-month passive and active suicidal ideation than their non-Hispanic white LGBQ counterparts. Compared to Christian LGBQ students, Agnostic/Atheist LGBQ individuals had greater odds of reporting past 12-month passive suicidal ideation, and Jewish LGBQ students were less likely to endorse past 12-month passive and active suicidal ideation.
        Cross-sectional design and self-reported data.
        Results corroborate previous research showing elevated prevalence of suicidal ideation among LGBQ individuals in comparison to their heterosexual counterparts. These findings are among the first to document prevalence differences within the LGBQ population based on intersectional identities (race/ethnicity and religious affiliation). Providers should recognize that LGBQ individuals might need support in negotiating the complex relationship between multiple identities, especially due to their elevated prevalence of suicidal ideation.


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